Monday, November 4, 2013

Sept 9- The Work Is Moving Right Along

Hey Everyone!

How are you all doing?! Surviving the AZ heat? Its starting to cool off here and get a little chilly at night (its super nice!). It makes riding bikes around that much better! No crashes to report this week. So thats sweet. But there also wasnt too much else interesting that happened this week (other than normal mission life, which is ALWAYS awesome =]) so I'll make a little bullet list of the highlights.

-Saturday Elder Collins and I had 4 meals all two hours apart. WAY too much food for one day. One of them was a BBQ with some of our investigators and I grilled all of the food! My first batch of hamburgers was pretty dry because I was a afraid of under-cooking them, but the second batch was pretty dang good. Also, at the BBQ they didnt have a cooler to keep the drinks cold so they pulled out an old beat up washing machine from the side of their house, filled it with Ice, and put the drinks in. I got a good laugh out of that.

-I finally got my Missionary Satchel! Haha really not that big of a deal, but all missionaries are supposed to use satchels now instead of back packs. They dont want us to look like students. Its kinda annoying because it gets in the way when I ride on my bike, but im getting used to it. Hopefully it doesnt lead to more crashes. (You know its been an exciting week when I start reporting on my bag hahaha but really, even "unexciting" weeks are great when you are a missionary =])

-Cool story: earlier this week we were walking down the street in front of this body shop and we heard a man inside trying to get our attention: "Misioneros! Misioneros!" We stopped, and when he came out he told us that he had investigated the church 15 years ago and that he wanted to come to church on Sunday. We gave him the time and address of church and he said he would see us on Sunday. Sadly, he didnt come, but we are going to stop by the shop sometime to go see him and see if he is still interested.

Well, thats really about it for this week. Im going to send some fun pictures in a second, so keep an eye out for those =] Love you all tons! Have an AMAZING week!

Elder Stones

This is Jeffrey, one of the young men from our ward that goes out with us every once in a while! He is a stud! Fun fact: Providence (where im serving) was originally supposed to be the capital of the USA and the building behind us was supposed to be the capital building. Atleast, thats what they tell me haha

Us on the bike path.

Cool forestry path from a couple of weeks ago.

 Sweet Little Lake
Same day we found the bike trail, we found this lake! It was a dammed up lake and we rode right next to the dam so I bet you can guess our conversation:
Me: *we are riding our bikes* "Elder Collins hold on!! I want to take a dam picture!"
Elder Collins: "NO. I dont want to take a dam picture"
Hahaha I love my companion

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