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Sept 23- Birthday, Camping, Wedding, Baptism

Hello Family and Friends!!

I thought I wouldn't have much to write about this week, but looking back, I realized that a ton has happened! First, we had Elder Collin's birthday, which was a super fun, crazy day! One of the members threw a little party for Elder Collins that night so we decided to bring our younger investigator, Fernando, a long with us and we had tons of fun and got some good pictures. Fernando has been coming to church now for like 2 months and he is such an amazing kid. The ward loves him, the young men in the ward love him, and he loves all of them. He fits in so well and he is really starting to develop his own testimony of the Church. He even goes to early morning seminary with the kids in the ward!! (We went with him last week. Now I can say I have been to early morning seminary haha =] ) In one of our lessons this week he told Elder Collins and I that he loves to read the Book of Mormon at school during his breaks because he "feels like it solves problems that nothing else can." He literally said those words! It was awesome! Haha anyway, I love that kid.

We also got permission to go camping with the men in our ward this weekend! We weren't allowed to stay the night, but it was still awesome. We helped them set up the tents (the ward struggled with that a bit. Being able to set up a tent is a nice benefit from doing Boy Scouts haha), helped make the fire, had HUGE grilled sausages for dinner, and had an awesome fireside about how the Lord qualifies us for the tasks which he gives us. The ward here doesn't do camping trips very often so they LOVED it. The brotherhood in the ward was really strengthened and the young men had a blast =]
Then to put the "cherry on top" of an already great week, our ward had a wedding and baptism this weekend! It was pretty special. Andres has been waiting two years for his "wife-to-be's" divorce papers to come in from Guatemala so that they could be married and he could get baptized. The papers finally came in a few weeks ago and his years of waiting and trudging through hardship finally came to an end with an incredibly fun wedding and a great baptism. Elder Collins and I got to help out the Sister who made the wedding cake by making some Fondant flowers. Not my forte. (Deanna, we might need to work on my flower making skills when I get home haha). But the cake turned out great, the wedding was a crazy party (SO much food), and the baptism was simple and perfect. Good week =]

Quick scripture I found in my studies this week that I want to share with you all, but first, a little background: There are a group of people in bondage, supporting a terrible work load, and feeling very much overwhelmed. In the midst of this trail, they begin pouring out their hearts to God for help and support. This is his reply: Mosiah 24:14-

14 And I will also ease the aburdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand asbwitnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their cafflictions.
I love this scripture! There are a few things that we can learn. First, if we are feeling burdened, overwhelmed and stressed with our responsibilities (work, school, LIFE =] ) we can turn to the Lord and he will be there to help! Second, the Lord never leaves us in our afflictions. No matter how alone we may feel, he is always there. Love it!
Well, I love you all and hope that you have an absolutely incredible week!

Elder Stones

It was too dark to take any nice pictures, but it was super pretty! We were surrounded by trees and camped right next to a lake. And those sausages were HUGE!

The member in our ward got him this hat. Haha its great! I couldn't stop laughing

Baptism. Not the best picture, but it was the only one I got.

Us with some ward members

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