Monday, November 4, 2013

Sept 3- Another Week Flies By

Hey Everyone!

Wow. This past week flew by! A ton has happened! First, a fun little thing, this past week I met some brand new missionaries that just got to the field. Its weird that I'm not the little guy in the field anymore (not that 6 weeks really means much haha) because I feel like I just got out here! I still have SO much to learn and so many areas in which I need to grow before I feel like I could do this without my trainer. Good thing I have another 6 weeks with him. He is awesome! We get along super well and plan awesome lessons together and I just cant imagine what the field would be like without him. He is a stud!
Yesterday was Labor Day (libraries were closed, sorry I didnt write!) and we had the coolest Pday ever! Elder Collins, Richardson, Berthelson, and I all went to a Red Sox game!! One of the members in a ward that Elder Richardson used to serve in was kind enough to buy us all tickets. So, yesterday morning we took the train into Boston and walked to Fenway Park for the game! It was so awesome and I had the best time ever. Elder Berthelson made it especially fun because, although he is from AZ, he LOVES Boston and the Red Sox. When the second inning hit he was like, "hey Elder Stones lets go walk around and soak this up!!" The whole time we were walking around the stadium he had the biggest smile on his face and just kept giggling like a little kid in a candy shop. Super funny! Then, before I knew it he led us to some way nice empty seats right next to 3rd base where we watched about 4 innings and got some sweet pictures. He just sat awestruck. His eyes were so big, and he was like 8 years old all over again. Haha I couldnt stop laughing at him. After a bit we decided to head back to our normal seats, but he just couldn't get enough and instead took another beeline to even nicer seats right behind homeplate!! He was crazy. We only stayed in those seats for like 6 pitches ( they were super nice and I got some good pictures =] ) and then we finally headed back to our seats. The Red Sox lost the game, but it was quite the adventure. Too fun.

The missionary work is as great as ever! The ward is super involved and so nice, my companion rocks, and our investigators are such amazing people - I absolutely love teaching them! Nothing super big to report on, just that it is amazing to see people change as they let Christ touch their lives =]

Alright, I guess thats it for this week! I love you all tons and hope life is treating you as well as it is treating me!

Elder Stones
Fenway Park
3rd Base Seats with Elder Berto
Home Plate
View from behind the plate
Last One: Fenway Park

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