Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sept 30- A week of little miracles

Where did this past week go? It flew by even quicker than usual! Maybe because tons of fun stuff happened =]

This weekend we took a trip to the Boston temple to do baptisms with some recent converts and some members that had never been. It was simple, sweet, and beautiful. The Spirit was so strong and the members loved it. Such a good trip! Temples are simply beautiful.

Also, this week we had some pretty sweet little miracles happen here in Providence. First, all this month we have been trying to set up a time to teach this older lady, Magali, who is interested in learning more about the church. It was our goal to set up a teaching appointment with her by the end of the month, but we had been struggling to find a time in which a member's schedule fit with Magali's schedule so that the member could join us in the lesson. It was the 27th and, with a full weekend, we knew the appointment would have to happen the next day or we wouldn't meet our goal to meet with her in Sept. Well, in our nightly planning for the next day, we found a 2 hour block that we had open, which would be perfect for a lesson with Magali. Now we just had to find out if her schedule and the member's schedule would also work. We called the member, and he was good to join us. Score =]. We called Magali and asked her if she was free the next day to which she replied, "ah I'm pretty busy tomorrow, what time were you thinking?" "4" we said. "Wow that's actually perfect!! I will see you then." So, after a month of trying to set something up, we finally had that "little miracle." Not too big, but just a little testimony that if we are doing what we are supposed to do, God will do his part to help us with our Goals. And not just missionary goals!! That applies to all of our life goals too =] Okay, second miracle, which happened yesterday, that I still can't believe happened! Remember Fernando, the young man that I was telling you all about last week that we have been teaching for a few months? Well... he has decided to be Baptized!! He was talking with his dad (who joined the church a couple years ago) and said he just had a "lightbulb moment." So yesterday, out of the blue, Elder Collins and I get a text from Fernando's Dad that just says, "Fernando says yes." Our mouths literally dropped open! It was so crazy because since we started teaching him, the thought of baptism worried him, even up until a couple days ago. But now he feels comfortable and is really excited! He is going to get baptized next weekend in between conference sessions!! Miracle experience =]

So little thought for this week: Conference is coming up this next weekend. Do something to make it special! Elder Collins and I found a little "Conference Countdown" paper chain in the Liahona that we cut out and put together. Each day the chain has something new to do like, "Explain to someone why conference is special to you" or "Write down some questions that you want to have answered during Conference". Funny story, Its actually a chain for kids. So one day it asked us to "Draw your favorite Prophet from the Scriptures." I have a pretty fun drawing above my study desk now =] hahaha Just make this week special and get in the mindset to learn some great things from the Prophet and Apostles.

Little teaser for Conference: Quote from President Monson - "No podemos dirigir los vientos, pero podemos ajustar las velas."

Simple and Sweet. I Love it.
Love You all!!!

Elder Stones

Picture of us with some of the members after the temple!

Took a wrong turn this day and rode 6 miles in the wrong direction. Had to a get a picture next to the street that we finally decided to turn around at. I really promise I wasn't upset haha
We were riding in downtown after early morning seminary last week and just thought we should get a picture in front of this sweet cathedral.

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