Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oct 28- Another Solid Week in Providence

Hello all! This week was simple and sweet. Not a ton happened, but life was just as great as ever =] I just have a fun story to share this week!

Story -- Street Contacting. The missionary work is really moving here in Providence so usually we don't have much time to go knock doors/ talk to people for long periods of time on the streets. Usually our days are appointment to appointment with investigators, less active members of the church, or members, which is a HUGE blessing. Well, one day this week we had a couple free hours so we decided to go to Downtown Providence and talk to people. If I am being completely honest, knocking doors and street contacting scare me a little! Well, not all of it scares me, just the initial meeting: the moments after you knock on a door and you are waiting to see who is on the other side or the first few moments before the conversation starts on the street -- Thats the "scary" part. Once the ball gets rolling on the conversation/ the ice is broken, I am completely fine and comfortable. But if the initial meeting goes bad it can be pretty awkward. Haha So... street contacting gets my heart pumping. So, like I said, one day this week we went to downtown and talked to people on the streets. We went to a park, said a prayer, and started looking for people that we could talk with. A little ways a way I saw two guys sitting on a bench speaking Spanish and I thought to myself, 'Hey, I could go tell those guys I am learning Spanish and ask them to Practice with me!" So thats what I did! I walked up to them and said, "Hola! Me Llamo Elder Stones. Soy un misionero y estoy aprendiendo espanol. Podrian practicar mi espanol conmigo?" They agreed and everything was sweet from there! It was awesome. I asked them lots of questions and we talked for a few minutes about "everyday" things. Then they said, "Your Spanish is pretty good! Why are you learning again?" And then I was able to tell them that I was a missionary, what a missionary does, and we were able to talk about religious stuff. It was awesome! One of the guys had to leave half way through the conversation so I only got to give him a card with our number on it, but the other guy gave me his number and we set up an appointment to meet this week. Super sweet experience! Conquered my fears. You guys can do it too =] Just gotta open your mouth!

This week I have been thinking a lot about prayer! My testimony of prayer has been strengthened so much while I have been on my mission. One thing in particular that prayer has helped me learn a little better is my/our relationship with God. He really is our Father, and he cares for us like an earthly parent would, but even more so!! Thats why prayer is so important! He wants to hear from us every single day and he wants to know what is going on in our lives. Of course he knows every single thing that happens to us every single day, but he wants to hear about it from US. Things that we are grateful for. Things we are struggling with. Things we need help with. God loves us and wants the best for us. He is anxiously waiting to bless us with the things we need, we just need to ask =] Its amazing!

K! I love you all SO MUCH!! I hope you have an amazing week and remember: 1) open your mouths a little more this week! and 2) Pray =]


Elder Stones
Pumpkin Carving for P-Day
Guess which one is mine haha

Old Monestary that was turned into a library. Its a little bit of a drive out to it, but its SUPER pretty and totally worth it!

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