Monday, November 4, 2013

Aug 18- Made it Through The First Transfer Out In The Field

How's everyone doing?!
Life is still great out here in Providence! I didn't write on Monday because its transfer week and Pdays move to Wednesday on transfer week. So yeah, I made it through my first transfer. Thats pretty sweet! I'm still staying in Providence, of course, because I have another transfer with my trainer, Elder Collins. This is his last transfer in the mission and then he goes home. Its hard to imagine not having him as my companion, but we try not to think about it haha We are just focusing on making this the best transfer of his mission!

Good news! I didnt crash on my bike this week! But that shouldn't be a surprise... I'm a pro. In other bike news we found the COOLEST bike trail this week. One of Elder Collin's former companions came back to visit and we decided to meet at a member's house for dinner. The only problem was that the member lived like 15 miles away from where we normal ride. So we got on Google maps, looked up the fastest route, and it told us to take this bike trail to save time. On the map, it showed the trail weaving between two rivers, and from that I suspected it was going to be awesome, but it blew my expectations out of the water! We were riding in a small town and then when we hit the trail it was like going into an awesome forest! The trail was perfectly paved, with lanes and a nice wooden fence on each side. There was a river on each side of the path and along each river there were beautiful trees and brush and it was just super pretty! Like something out of a movie. That happens quite frequently out here when we are riding in a car: we will be driving on a freeway in the city and then all of the sudden there are just trees and lakes everywhere. Anyway, it was just cool to have that happen while we were on our bikes. We were riding and all of the sudden 'bam' we were in nature. I took some pictures because my lame description doesn't do it justice, but I forgot my camera when I came to email so you guys will just have to wait until next week to see.

Our investigators are great! We are still teaching Fernando (15 year old). He already has so much understand and maturity when it comes to life, its kinda crazy. He understands that committing to live a religion for the rest of his life isnt a small decision and he wants to make sure he is ready. Great kid. Love him. We are also still teaching Anny and her sister, Grisauris (younger women from the Dominican Republic). Our lessons with them are always so great because they already have a strong belief and faith in God, and they really have a desire to learn of God and get closer to him. Its great to find people in this crazy, busy world that still have strong beliefs in God and make faith a priority. Oh, something cool happened with them this week! Their house/apartment thing is always full of different people going around doing different things inside and out. One time during one of our lessons, one of the men that is usually busy working came and sat and listened to one of our lessons. At the end he said he would like to listen to more in the future. Pretty cool!

Spanish is coming slowly but surely, like always =] I have real testimony of the Gift of Tongues. When I am feeling the spirit and really relying on it, I can usually speak pretty fluidly. But when I try to do it alone... not too good. Haha so, moral of the story: rely on the Lord and he can lift you even higher than the best that you can do on your own. I have actually experienced that many times, so I know its true! =]
Well, I feel like theres not much meat to this email, and I was going to make up for it by sending pictures (we took quite a few this week), but I forgot my camera. So, I will make up for it next week with even more pictures =] I love you all tons! Thank you for all of your prayers and support! You are all the best!

Elder Stones

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