Monday, June 17, 2013

June 14- P-Day Number 2!

This week has been awesome! A couple of really cool things happened this week that I want to tell you about. First, my Branch Presidency is AWESOME!! My Branch President, President Tyler, has the most amazing memory I have ever seen and he is ALWAYS quoting new scriptures, sharing AMAZING experiences, and teaching wonderful lessons. He is the nicest old man I have ever met... I feel like he is my grandpa. haha I set aside a specific part of my study journal just to write down the wonderful things that come out of his mouth. For example, he shared an experience where he met Elder Neil A. Maxwell and Elder Maxwell invited him to be in a big interview for a newspaper. President Tyler said it was one of the most amazing interviews he had ever heard, and he was very disappointed when the paper came out the next day and none of the interview was printed. When he asked Elder Maxwell what he thought of the whole thing, Elder Maxwell said, "I have learned not to be betrayed by my own expectations." President Tyler applied this to missionary work and said that we cant expect too much out of ourselves. We do our best and the Lord will make up the rest! Second, I dont know if any of you have heard yet, but there is going to be a church-wide fireside in a couple weeks that will promote member missionary work. Its being held at the Marriott Center (BYU's basketball stadium) and they are forming a MTC choir to sing in it, so I decided to join. Guess who is running the whole the thing?! The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve apostles!! Pretty cool right?! I get to sing in a fireside in front of the Brethren... what a cool experience that is going to be!! I was also selected to sing in a smaller group of missionaries that will sing in a special choir for a Mission President's seminar the next week. I'm not sure of all of the details on that one, but they were much more strict on who they let sing for the seminar so... I guess we will see =] Third, MAN OF STEEL CAME OUT TODAY!!!! I have been wearing my new superman shirt all day in honor of it!! Haha and last night when I got back to my room, in honor of the opening night, I put on my superman shirt underneath my clothes, then I walked into everyone's rooms in our zone and unbuttoned my shirt so they could see it. They all know Im a huge Superman fan, so they got a pretty big kick out of it. Sadly, all of the guys agree that I look more like a Peter Parker than a Clark Kent.... so they all call me Toby. Because Toby McGuire played spiderman... its the worst. Haha oh and they call me "Elder Piedras". It means "Elder Stones" in Spanish. Its Much better than Toby! I think thats it for this week. Spanish is coming along well, still teaching lessons all in spanish, and basically just learning how to be a great missionary! Ill send some pictures! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!


Elder Stones
1. MTC District
2. Elder Stones and Companion Elder Pope
3. Clark Kent


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